Mobile Connect Marketing Assets

Mobile Connect is designed to make life easier. The way we talk about the solution should be concise, clear and straightforward.

We emphasise the benefits to peoples’ lives of simplicity, security and privacy.
It is simple because there is no need for multiple passwords or user names. It is secure because it uses the inherent capabilities of mobile networks to protect peoples’ digital identity. And it is more private because no personal information is made available to third parties without the user’s consent.

Copy style and tone

There are four important qualities that should come through in all supporting copy.

Clear. Mobile Connect is straightforward and convenient. So we use clear, jargon-free language when talking about it.

Authoritative. Mobile Connect is backed by the global mobile industry. Copy should have a confident and authoritative tone.

Trustworthy. People can trust Mobile Connect to protect their identity and privacy. Copy should reflect the inherent reassurance of the service.

Positive. Mobile Connect helps people and enhances their everyday lives. We are not afraid to celebrate this with warm, positive language.