Mobile Connect Marketing Assets

Mobile Connect is a portfolio of mobile-based secure identity services driven by mobile operators around the globe that offers a wide range of digital possibilities and allows the industry to explore and expand the opportunities of the digital market. Mobile Connect brings security and convenience to services that require authentication and authorisation such as e-commerce, banking, health and digital entertainment, and e-government services. With Mobile Connect, users can create and manage a universal digital identity via a single login, using their mobile phone number to give access and authorisation. Through Mobile Connect mobile operators can underpin the growing digital economy by providing secure authentication and identification, which consumers and service providers can trust. Over 60 operators in over 30 countries around the world are implementing mobile-based authentication with Mobile Connect. More than 100 million consumers have used the Mobile Connect service to date, and this figure continues to grow.

Mobile Connect has been developed by the world’s mobile industry coordinated by the GSMA and is delivered through the global family of operators.